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We work with people interested in this approach by offering training experiences to practice anti-oppression skills. The Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment training is a one or two-day experience, introducing the fundamentals of the curriculum in an experiential way. We offer other consulting options as well, like caucus facilitation and assessments. For more information, email us:

Most people find that having some exposure to this material (as might be gained from reading the book or attending a workshop) provides them with tools to deepen the work they do in anti-oppression, organizing, teaching, and facilitation. But this book, or even a thorough weekend training, is not enough to become a competent trainer in this content. For those interested in pursuing further training, please contact:


To request permission to quote from Beyond Inclusion, Beyond Empowerment please email or write to us at Cuetzpalin Publishing / P.O. Box 912 / Olympia, WA 98507.

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Leticia has been working with the International TELE’DRAMA Institute. If you would like to join that mailing list, please use this link For information about TELE’DRAMA, visit their website:

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